Low-Level Design Notes #1

What is low-level design(LLD)?

It's a component-level design process that involves the design of small components of a software requirement, data structure, algorithm e.t.c

Low-level design is designed from High-level design, It basically has to do with breaking down the component of high-level design into a smaller module and providing a well-detailed description of these small modules.

Steps on how to generate LLD

  • Write out the software requirement or have a proper understanding of the requirements.
  • Designing the use case diagram.

  • Modeling the component using a UML diagram

  • Modeling the Design using OOD

  • Implementing the OOD using the SOLID principle

Importance of Low-Level Design

  • It helps to build modular, extensible, reusable, and maintainable software.

  • It helps to model the component design of the application for clearer understanding.

  • It helps the onboarding of developers to a project.

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